2012 – October Prologue #15

Errol: This is it, everyone. One more day until Nanowrimo! I’m crazy excited, if not only for this, but for the Nanowrimo challenge I set myself, the new comics, and the musical.

And yes, this may come as a surprise to you, but we are following Victoria on her trek to a new city. I never realized that people may not be expecting that when we wrote the script up at the beginning of the month. Don’t worry, there will be cameos!

Good luck everyone! And if you haven’t checked it out, here’s the first episode of Nanowrimo: The Musical!


2012 – October Prologue #14

Errol: This is my seventh year of nano. Throughout that time, I have met a lot of people who had to leave their nano origin to start fresh somewhere else. This whole prologue was for those people. And for the ML’s too (that’s a municipal liaison, if you didn’t know). Their life is always stressful. 😀

2012 – October Prologue #13

Errol: Tonight is my regions kick off party. It’s crazy, it’s fun, there are so many people that I never see again. 😀 When is your kick off party? How is it?

Debbie: I’m tempted to go to the kick off party but I have to work! Work or party…SUCH TOUGH DECISIONS!! (to Errol: and hey, how did you get your text to be blue?)

2012 – October Prologue #11


Errol: Today, in my region, there is a meet and greet for new people! It’s a clay social, where people get together, design their inner editor, and then destroy it! Ha!

Sadly, I cannot go. For me, Nano has started a little early, so I figured I should spend as much time as I could with my family. Of course, that didn’t start me from blogging a bit about Nano on my personal website. 😀

Our Kick Off meeting is on Monday though, so I can’t wait! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

2012 – October Prologue #10


Errol: It’s fun being the welcoming one. You get to meet new people! I love meeting new people. If you ever get a chance to be in one of the many nanowrimo focused chatrooms , and you see me, say hello!

2012 – October Prologue #9


Errol: Rob has unbridled passion for a lot of things. And yet that doesn’t translate into finishing NaNoWriMo. Poor guy. However, there is hopefully ONE or more people that made you feel welcome to Nano. Care to tell us? 😀

2012 – October Prologue #8


Errol: Rob may not finish Nano, but he sure is excited about it. 😀 Poor guy. The great thing about having Debbie Ohi doing NaNoToons with me? I tend to have all the characters have a little bit of me in them. With Debbie Ohi on board, we can have a fresh take on things! 😀


2012 – October Prologue #7


Errol: Ok, yes, the Victoria character was based on someone, but mostly in name only (And maybe a little bit of the stress part too). However, it is NOT her in real life. Apparently, a few of her friends came up to her and asked why she was moving away for 3 months and why she didn’t tell them. However, she’s not! It’s only comic Victoria that is. Most of the plot is completely made up. And the events and socials they go to are based on events and socials that happen in my region. But that’s it. 😀

Having said, that do any of the characters remind YOU of real life Wrimo friends?

2012 – October Prologue #6

Errol: I hung out a bit with our region’s ML last year, and she was stressed bit. (Not that I based characters on anyone in real life. Oh no! Would I do that? No no no… no.)

Anyway, she’s not an ML this year and it’s a bit weird.