2012 – November #27

Errol: Our overnight writing session has two rooms: one for serious writing and quiet, the other for people like me. And it’s where the food is. The only time I ever went into the quiet room was to go warm up by the fireplace. It was cozy.

Debbie: The bit about Tim falling asleep on the delete key was inspired by one of the conversations in the NaNoToons comments section a couple of days ago, with Tarina and Errol. 😀


30 thoughts on “2012 – November #27

  1. LOL! I wish there’d been a nice quiet room when I was writing…then again, it wouldn’t have worked, I like to eat while I write, so that would’ve made too much noise. Still, it was nice to dream about. ^_^ Yay for Tim!

    • For the past 4 years, it’s been at this church/drop in center that works with the homeless and marginalized. They don’t do overnight stuff, so we can use the building. 🙂

  2. I love that idea! Must find new location with two rooms for next year. We have almost outgrown our current location anyways.

  3. Lol, that made my night. Now time to go to bed and dream of more things for my NaNo characters to do to make up that extra 6,000 words I have left.

  4. xD!!!!!!!!!! Fell asleep on the delete key, that is one of the best lines ever! 😀 Good one guys! Lol I can imagine the words so slowly disappearing off the screen as he sleeps — and the others didn’t even notice. Wow, that could make an epic short film, too… hmmm now I have ideas…. 😀

  5. This is so something that would happen to me…last year I clicked a button on Google docs and erased almost 3/4 of my novel. My dad luckily, is a computer nerd and got them back.

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