2013 – October Prologue #17



If you’ve noticed, I’ve added ratings to the comic! I don’t know why I never turned them on. I’ve also made it easier to share via twitter, tumblr, facebook, whatever. Of course, I never tested those, but oh well.

And if you take a look at today’s Debs & Errol comic, you can see my current state before NaNo. Heh.

2013 – October Prologue #16


Errol: Allo all! You must forgive me for not getting to comments yesterday, I had a bunch of stuff to do. I know I asked you guys a question, and then didn’t get around to commenting! Gah!

Funny thing, last year I had the comics go up at midnight EST. I didn’t realize that and coincided it with my other comic. It’s much easier that way, because now, it’s past midnight and I didn’t miss it. *laugh*

2013 – October Prologue #15


Errol: Yes, as you can see, things worked out in the end. ^_^

Good grief, Nano is upon us. Wow. That’s pretty crazy how close it is. And I finished drawing up to November 5th. My thursday will be busy. 😀

How are you guys doing? ^_^

2013 – October Prologue #14


Errol: Allo all! Just to let you know, Debs & Errol decided to throw some music up on bandcamp that relate with NaNoWriMo. All the music from NaNoMusical is up there. Also a CD that we helped produce called NaNoWriMusic. And the best thing? All proceeds go to NaNoWriMo! Huzzah!

2013 – October Prologue #13


Errol: Hah, I guess I know when Rob’s birthday is now. And the thing is, I will have to follow that for the upcoming years. I hope I remember, I’m not good at remembering birthdays. Maybe I should put Rob on facebook so that I can remember his birthday. Ha! ^_^

Victoria: It’s Rob’s birthday! They’re going for pho! …I’ve still never had pho. (I have allergies and I’m not sure what’s in the broth that might kill me.) Shhh. Don’t tell Debs.

2013 – October Prologue #12


Errol: Ok, I’m super excited! Why?! Because I found out that Comic Rocket allows you to navigate the NaNoToons in ORDER! How awesome is that?! Now I don’t have to figure out how to put a decent navigation system on here because they will do it for me! HUZZAH! I am so happy. ^_^ Dance of joy.

2013 – October Prologue #11


Errol: NaNoToons is comic about NaNoWriMo, so I run into a risk of reusing material. I mean, yes, there is the normal freaking out about November, but I can’t make the comic ALL about that every year, can I?

So I have to try and come up with different things! Rob wanting to quit Nano was the thing I came up with this year, not because I wanted to start a controversy, but because I wanted something different. 😀

Man, what will happen in five years time? Will I still be doing these? Will it be taken over by someone else? Maybe I should just focus on getting the rest of NaNoToons drawn and not worry about it.

Good grief, November starts in a week, and the rest of the NaNoToons aren’t done. You know what else isn’t done? Songs. I haven’t written any. *sigh*