2013 – October Prologue #17



If you’ve noticed, I’ve added ratings to the comic! I don’t know why I never turned them on. I’ve also made it easier to share via twitter, tumblr, facebook, whatever. Of course, I never tested those, but oh well.

And if you take a look at today’s Debs & Errol comic, you can see my current state before NaNo. Heh.


2013 – October Prologue #16


Errol: Allo all! You must forgive me for not getting to comments yesterday, I had a bunch of stuff to do. I know I asked you guys a question, and then didn’t get around to commenting! Gah!

Funny thing, last year I had the comics go up at midnight EST. I didn’t realize that and coincided it with my other comic. It’s much easier that way, because now, it’s past midnight and I didn’t miss it. *laugh*

2013 – October Prologue #15


Errol: Yes, as you can see, things worked out in the end. ^_^

Good grief, Nano is upon us. Wow. That’s pretty crazy how close it is. And I finished drawing up to November 5th. My thursday will be busy. 😀

How are you guys doing? ^_^

2013 – October Prologue #14


Errol: Allo all! Just to let you know, Debs & Errol decided to throw some music up on bandcamp that relate with NaNoWriMo. All the music from NaNoMusical is up there. Also a CD that we helped produce called NaNoWriMusic. And the best thing? All proceeds go to NaNoWriMo! Huzzah!

2013 – October Prologue #13


Errol: Hah, I guess I know when Rob’s birthday is now. And the thing is, I will have to follow that for the upcoming years. I hope I remember, I’m not good at remembering birthdays. Maybe I should put Rob on facebook so that I can remember his birthday. Ha! ^_^

Victoria: It’s Rob’s birthday! They’re going for pho! …I’ve still never had pho. (I have allergies and I’m not sure what’s in the broth that might kill me.) Shhh. Don’t tell Debs.

2013 – October Prologue #12


Errol: Ok, I’m super excited! Why?! Because I found out that Comic Rocket allows you to navigate the NaNoToons in ORDER! How awesome is that?! Now I don’t have to figure out how to put a decent navigation system on here because they will do it for me! HUZZAH! I am so happy. ^_^ Dance of joy.

2013 – October Prologue #11


Errol: NaNoToons is comic about NaNoWriMo, so I run into a risk of reusing material. I mean, yes, there is the normal freaking out about November, but I can’t make the comic ALL about that every year, can I?

So I have to try and come up with different things! Rob wanting to quit Nano was the thing I came up with this year, not because I wanted to start a controversy, but because I wanted something different. 😀

Man, what will happen in five years time? Will I still be doing these? Will it be taken over by someone else? Maybe I should just focus on getting the rest of NaNoToons drawn and not worry about it.

Good grief, November starts in a week, and the rest of the NaNoToons aren’t done. You know what else isn’t done? Songs. I haven’t written any. *sigh*

2013 – October Prologue #10


Errol: Hmmm, how long has Rob been going without talking about chips? Too long, if you ask me.

Btw, I got a nanomail asking me when NaNoToons was starting up again. Sadly, it’s not on the main site anymore, but I think people want to know about them. I’ve been linking to it but it seems to not be enough.

If you know someone that likes NaNoToons or would like NaNoToons, by all means, tell them! Share! ^_^

Thanks a bunch!

2013 – October Prologue #9


Errol: I try to get to all the comments, but then sometimes you guys comment to the characters, and I feel weird commenting or answering for them. ^_^ Funny thing.

Oh, I also put up Vix’s bio up there, in case you wanted to know. And I made small site changes. If there is any other improvements for the site you can think of, I can try and accommodate!

Victoria: What’s up with Jen’s eyes in the second panel? Who can say!

This is my first comment on the NaNoToons site so WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m pretty excited to have editing powers on the site now 😀

The WordPress interface sure has changed since the last time I used it. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out how to colour this text. But now I’m PURPLE. LIKE A WOMBAT.

2013 – October Prologue #8


Errol: Manda, who made the NaNoMusical with me, was chatting with me about NaNoToons. And she got emotional. In fact, I had to make it a comic on my Debs & Errol site. Go and take a look because it’s a better description than what I can do here. ^_^