2013 – October Prologue #8


Errol: Manda, who made the NaNoMusical with me, was chatting with me about NaNoToons. And she got emotional. In fact, I had to make it a comic on my Debs & Errol site. Go and take a look because it’s a better description than what I can do here. ^_^


9 thoughts on “2013 – October Prologue #8

  1. 😦 I’m drawn in! I hope he doesn’t quit. That he finds the beauty in trying something, in persevering through these hard times, and that even failure is a feat in itself. That he tried. T.T Don’t give up! I’m like seriously feeling for these characters….

  2. Yeah, it’s true, I cried yesterday. It’ s just in any big event like this there’s always one character I consider the constant and heart of the series, and for me that was Rob, and to see him all down trodden is so sad! That being said…I DO understand the need for a break. I’ve felt that call too. And the guilt trips that people put me through were hard to get through, but the break was always worth it and it meant I was ready and raring to go 😀

  3. Your comics are awesome! I read EVERY SINGLE ONE last year, even the ones from years and years ago. It was an inspiring form of novel procrastination. Keep up with the awesome work!

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