2013 – October Prologue #7


Errol: I added Vix as someone who can blurb on these comics, so I figured I should start colour coding myself again! ^_^

Oh, someone noticed that Rob’s hat changed from the plaid colour to the straight red colour back in… I dunno, 2011? The colour of Rob’s hat was a pattern that Debbie Ohi had. And I didn’t have that pattern so it was difficult for me to fill it in. I think 2011 I did all the NaNoToons so I just changed the hat. This sounds like a story where I just get lazier and lazier with each year, but no! I added October cartoons to the mix! ^_^


2013 – October Prologue #6


Huzzah! Saturday, I wrote up the script for November NanoToons 1-17! And Vix proofed them already, all good! ^_^ Now I have to get to drawing them but I’m halfway there! Huzzah!

And I also did a blog post on the D&E website a few days back. I call it NaNoWriMo Etiquette – 6 Things. I hope it wasn’t too harsh.

2013 – October Prologue #5


Went out to see the movie “Gravity” with Debs of Debs & Errol. Got home really late, and I don’t know if I have enough time to do the comic for that as well (two daily comics is hard).

Oh well, here’s hoping I think of something!

2013 – October Prologue #4


Poor Rob! *laugh* If you’ve noticed, I’ve made a slight change to the style of the comics. This was mainly to make my life a little easier, actually. Before, I would try and match Debbie Ohi’s style, however, she did everything by hand because she’s crazy talented!

I do it all digitally with a mouse. It’s slower than by hand, I think, so I’ve made simpler shapes for me to go quicker!

2013 – October Prologue #1


Hello! And welcome to the first comic for NaNoWriMo 2013! It’s been a hectic week for me because my geek band released our EP ALSO today. Good grief. You’d think I wouldn’t schedule these things all at the same time. Oh well! Fortunately, I have Victoria helping me edit them, so at least the spelling and grammar should be correct!

I am crazy excited for Nano this year, and I’ve got most of October’s comics done. Now… to finish off November’s!