2013 – November #30


Errol: The last day! THE LAST DAY! There WILL be a few more comics, in December, and then… I rest. I may sleep for a week. So stay tuned, and don’t give up on NaNoToons yet!


2013 – November #28


Errol: For those that noticed, this comic is also written by Vix who normally edits them. I had another comic done, but she didn’t like it, and I didn’t like it either. I forgot when American Thanksgiving was so I wrote the script without it in there. She suggested this one and it was good! 😀

And I CAUGHT UP! HUZZAH! Well, when this comic is released, I’m not, but I am caught up to the proper amount of words and it feels good! ^_^

2013 – November #27


Errol: I have NaNo brain. I sat here staring at the the “Add New Post” button wondering what day it was. And then wondering if I had the comic exported to be uploaded. And then I got distracted by comments in another blog. Good grief. I need to focus. 😀 Oh well. Some friends are coming over and we’re going to do a writing session. Good grief, time is running short. 😀

2013 – November #26


Errol: Allo all! How goes your NaNo? I’m… still behind. *laugh* But I’m gaining. I have only made it to two events this year. That makes me sad. I’m crazy social and I love interacting with people. I have, however, booked myself off for the TGIO party. I will make it! I WILL!

NaNoWriMo Pep Talk – I hear you’re busy…

Dear Wrimo,

I wrote a blog post about how to get others to critique your writing. It wasn’t the most uplifting article, and I figured I wouldn’t subject that to panicking writers a week before NaNoWriMo ends.

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2013 – November #24


Errol: I was able to pick up the present, btw! So all is good. And I got 3000 words written! But not at the overnighter. Nope. I socialized. 😀

The one thing that is sad with me not going to the overnighter all night: no overnight video. I used to make one each year. Someone else should! That’d be awesome!

2013 – November #23


Errol: I hope I can go tonight! At the Geeky Book Swap, my youngest daughter bid on some earrings at the silent auction. But she didn’t win it because my wife gave her a limit. Now, my youngest daughter doesn’t wear earrings, so I was wondering why she was so adamant on doing it. I learned later that she wanted to give it to my eldest daughter for Christmas because she was dying to have them.

So I am going tonight to pick up another pair of earrings, for the person who makes them will be there. I also hope to write today. We’ll see how THAT goes.

2013 – November 22


Errol: It’s friday! Huzzah! And what are your friday plans tonight? Me? I have an interview with Geek Hard for the geek band! I’m crazy excited to be on podcasts!

And also, Rick and Val have a new ML Update! ^_^