2013 – November #16


Errol: A bot is a program that sits in chat and does timers for word wars and a bunch of other things, silly or useful. In our case, mostly useful. Just in case you aren’t familiar with bots.

OH! And this weekend is the Night of Writing Dangerously! I did a comic with Grant Faulkner on my Debs & Errol site! Huzzah!


6 thoughts on “2013 – November #16

  1. I love your comic! So funny I took the time to read it all the way from the start, lol! It was long to catch up but really pleasant!

  2. I love how Rob is singing from the Musical! I enjoyed the musical so much last year. This comic made me laugh out loud. I got a strange look as someone wondered what they missed that I was laughing at. 🙂

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