2013 – November #17

Nanotoons_2013_Nov_17Errol: Huzzah! We had this last night. I got rid of a lot of books. And I invited all sorts of bands to play, so exciting! So much geekery!

Whom did we have?



11 thoughts on “2013 – November #17

      • They were hiding! ^_^ And they were playing at the Geeky Book Swap, of course they’re there!

        It’s one of the few times you see their legs. Although Errol’s head is cut off.

  1. On the plus side, having a friend be ahead of you in word count can inspire you to push your own up to try to beat them. Friendly competition can be very helpful! Especially when your friend has never won, nor taken it seriously really, and letting him be ahead of you makes you feel inadequate. Write to avoid embarrassment!

  2. I’ll be so excited if Rob finally wins! It doesn’t look like I’m going to make it this year- school is really demanding, as is my various theater and music groups- I’m in four shows! I never knew about the Geeky Book Swap- how sad to have missed it. 😦 Anyway, I need to do some SERIOUS catching up!

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