2013 – November #30


Errol: The last day! THE LAST DAY! There WILL be a few more comics, in December, and then… I rest. I may sleep for a week. So stay tuned, and don’t give up on NaNoToons yet!


5 thoughts on “2013 – November #30

  1. My sister was asking me about write ins yesterday and I said there’s still the thank gawd it’s over party, and she said “yeah, you can go to that even though you didn’t win!” …and the comment hurt so much, I was like “I CAN STILL WIN!” so I wrote 9k yesterday, but I still need to write another 14k today. But I can still win! (though if I do win, I’ll have to wonder why I didn’t just win on the fifth day of nano, at this pace…)

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