2014 – October 31




2014 – October 30

Errol: I’m kinda worried too. I don’t have the script for NaNoToons. I just have some vague ideas. Heh. And it starts in two days. Heh. And then I have to write my own novel. Heh. Oh boy…

2014 – October 28

Nanotoons_2014_10_28Errol: If you’re wondering why there are all sorts of meetings before NaNoWriMo, I really don’t know. I think it was more of an ML thing and Victoria still helps out from time to time. Or maybe they just like having meetings.

2014 – October 26

Nanotoons_2014_10_26Errol: This weekend I’m at OVFF. My geeky band, Debs & Errol, are there for the whole weekend. There was a banquet as well, so I had to get my suit cleaned.

And I will need to get it cleaned again for Night of Writing Dangerously. Rough life, I know, but hey, cleaning suits is expensive! ^_^

2014 – October 25

Nanotoons_2014_10_25Errol: Speaking of traditions, I usually base NaNoWriMo social events on my home region’s social events. Thing is, I don’t know what they are this year. I really should just start making some up. Halfway Party Masquerade Murder Mystery Escape the Room Ball! Ha!

2014 – October 24

Nanotoons_2014_10_24Errol: Who doesn’t love road trips? You know, every year, I try and figure out what will happen to the NaNoToons crew and I thought it would be fun for them to go on a road trip!

2014 – October 23

Nanotoons_2014_10_23Errol: I do realize that there are a lot of characters in NaNoToons now. One reason I asked Kari Maaren to edit was because she knows nothing of the NaNoToons!

This reminds me, I really should update those character bios.

And for those that are not too sure what Night of Writing Dangerously is, there’s a webpage!

2014 – October 22

Nanotoons_2014_10_22Errol: You know, I don’t know if anyone else will blog, but I keep putting my name before every entry. Anyway, I learned about Stay Classy a few years ago and I thought that was super cool! You can now have an online page where you can raise money for an organization!

They changed their name to Classy now and you can sign up yourself!

You can set up a Classy account for NaNoWriMo.

You can also set up a Classy account to raise money for Night of Writing Dangerously as well!

Anyway, I’ve decided to update the ‘gaming on the couch’ trope by giving them wireless controllers. Look at me go, keeping up with the times and all. ^_^