2014 – October 30

Errol: I’m kinda worried too. I don’t have the script for NaNoToons. I just have some vague ideas. Heh. And it starts in two days. Heh. And then I have to write my own novel. Heh. Oh boy…

2014 – October 28

Nanotoons_2014_10_28Errol: If you’re wondering why there are all sorts of meetings before NaNoWriMo, I really don’t know. I think it was more of an ML thing and Victoria still helps out from time to time. Or maybe they just like having meetings.

2014 – October 26

Nanotoons_2014_10_26Errol: This weekend I’m at OVFF. My geeky band, Debs & Errol, are there for the whole weekend. There was a banquet as well, so I had to get my suit cleaned.

And I will need to get it cleaned again for Night of Writing Dangerously. Rough life, I know, but hey, cleaning suits is expensive! ^_^

2014 – October 25

Nanotoons_2014_10_25Errol: Speaking of traditions, I usually base NaNoWriMo social events on my home region’s social events. Thing is, I don’t know what they are this year. I really should just start making some up. Halfway Party Masquerade Murder Mystery Escape the Room Ball! Ha!