2014 – October 20th


Errol: Hello! It’s the 20th, and here’s the first comic! Huzzah! I don’t have a script for November, and I usually have one now, but that’s ok! It will be just like NaNoWriMo. Heh.

And yes, as you can surmise from this comic, the crew is going off to Night of Writing Dangerously!


17 thoughts on “2014 – October 20th

  1. OMG, poor Rob… let’s see if he’s able to do NaNo this year at least! xD (no pressure dude but it’s been 80 Bajillion years… let’s go for a win, yeah? :D)

  2. So now we get to be jealous of you and Debs AND the NaNoToons cast? Bah!

    I can’t tell you how anxious for November to start I am now that the first NaNoToon is up.

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