2014 – November 23

Nanotoons_2014_11_23Errol: Combo Breaker! Yes! I broke the pattern! And no, it wasn’t because people were expecting the pattern. This was written a few days ago. ^_^ And as of today, I only have two more NaNoToons to do! I’m so happy. That means I can work on my novel! And my other webcomic. I got my readers in my other webcomic to do some guest comics, so that made my life a lot easier! ^_^


14 thoughts on “2014 – November 23

  1. So awesome! Jen deserved an early win!

    Many people would have given up the idea of reaching 50k in your position, but I heard you once wrote a whole novel during the last week of NaNo. And that you once wrote 50k in a day. These may be exaggerated legends, but I’ll bet you’re still going for the win.

      • I’m just commenting in that now that she has a week plus to take care of stuff, she can figure out if what she has is how she wants to end. Remember, reaching 50,000 just means that – you’ve typed 50,000 words. I know that from the one time I actually WON Nano (when you reach 50,000 on the last day, you’re just glad to have reached 50,000; ending or no ending.).

  2. Aren’t they at the overnighter though? I’m so excited that she won, too! 😀 I won yesterday, and I’m kind of in disbelief that I finished early. :3

    • I totally forgot they were at the overnighter. You broke 2 patterns–she won early instead of at the last minute, and she didn’t pass out early and write very little.

      That makes me sad though; if she couldn’t find someone around and awake to celebrate her win with her, what good is having an overnighter?

      • Heh, yes, all the patterns broken! It was good because we were discussing this in chat with Manda and Kari and I wasn’t too sure how to handle the final week.

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