2015 – October 28


Ok, folks. This time, for sure, there are NO mistakes in it! Honest! And Kari found another mistake in a later comic, so all is good. I hope. Sheesh. I think I need a vacation…


9 thoughts on “2015 – October 28

  1. Now I just want cartoon me for my Facebook page.

    I feel Rob’s confusion, though. We have two new MLs this year who I’ve never met, and every time one of them posts I have to re-orient my brain around the ensuing “Wait, who is this again?”

  2. It’s okay, Rob! I was actually having a conversation with someone for about fifteen minutes before saying, “Do you know where I can find the MLs?” She stared at me and said, “Um, I AM one. I mentioned that ten minutes ago.”

    To be fair, it wasn’t my zone… but still… *facepalm*

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