2015 – November 22nd


Who knows where the author is taking this series. I sure don’t.

And sorry, I keep talking about escape rooms. What is an escape room? Do you remember those point and click flash games on the computer where you had to solve puzzles to get out of the room? For example, the key is locked in the box, but to open the box, you have to solve a riddle.

Escape rooms puts that game into real life. You are locked in a room with friends and as a team you have around 45-60 minutes to solve the puzzles to find the key to get out! It’s a lot of fun and I’m addicted to them.

I’ve done over 90 rooms now. I have a problem.

10 thoughts on “2015 – November 22nd

  1. “Who knows where the author is taking this series. I sure don’t.”

    I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the trip so far this year. A shift in focus is what this comic needed for this year (I personally think last year’s comics were a bit lackluster…).

    • Last year’s were actually some of my favorites!
      Personal preference, I guess. It’s great how each year is able to appeal to different Wrimos.

      I’m just a bit frightened for tomorrow’s comic o_o Excited, but slightly terrified.

  2. I do so love the little hand sneaking back to rescue the forgotten coffee… And I so can’t wait to see what kind of word war magic Pari is about to yield!

    I felt like I was IN a NaNoToon comic earlier today. I was running late for a write-in. Mom was trying to calm me down. “It’s not like they take attendance, or you’ll be penalized for being late…” And I said, “Do you KNOW I’m 21,000 words behind?!?” That was only one of several exchanges where I could almost see myself and my mother in stick-figure form. Especially because Mom was trying REALLY hard not to laugh. I assured her that I could also see the humor in the situation.

  3. Oh my goodness this is so hilarious! I have really enjoyed this year (as I have all years) and meeting new characters. I also think it is so cool the way you get the personalities of the characters to come through even in chat rooms purely through typed dialogue. The showdown/Wild West reaction of all the other characters in this panel made me lol. I have a feeling a word war of epic proportions is about to go down.

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  5. This is me and several friends in a chat group. I go in that group because it’s word war central for me and it keeps me writing.

    I love the artistry in the final panel!

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