2016 – October 31st


I woke up this morning thinking, “Did I put up the comic for today?”

I didn’t. I’m sorry! One more day! And for those in Australia, Happy NaNo Start! ^_^

I didn’t go to our kick off meeting. Heck, I don’t even know when it was. I’m a bad wrimo.

2016 – October 27th


I had some hiccups yesterday with the domain. I’m trying to have nanotoons.net resolve to the comic, as opposed to going to nanotoons.wordpress.com, but no can do. So the site was down for a bit yesterday! I won’t play with it anymore. Sorry about that!

And look! It’s Jen! Huzzah!

2016 – October 26th


The NaNoToons normally go out at 8am EST. It’s an hour late, sorry.

Although, I don’t know anyone who checks it directly at 8am.

I was chatting with Kari and we were talking about the hobby of reading webcomics. It makes total sense this is a thing, but I never really thought about it before. Even though I make webcomics, I don’t read a lot of them.

What about you? I have a poll! Huzzah! And also, if you do read webcomics, do you have favourites?

2016 – October 25th


Huzzah! My wordpress issue is sorted out! I was able to get a hold of WordPress on twitter and they figured it out for me! ^_^

Now I have to fix some DNS stuff on my end, but I think http://NaNoToons.net should work now. Could you check it out for me? It should redirect here.