NaNoToons 2016 – Starting Oct 16th

I’m getting this question a few times, so I figured I would answer it. Will there be NaNoToons this year? Of course!

I will once again ask Kari Maaren of It Never Rains to help me edit the webcomics because unlike my own personal comics, I try to have the spelling and grammar correct. Kari is awesome for that.

One thing I will ask of you if you like the comic. Can you share it with your friends? Normally, I’ve never really tried to promote NaNoToons, however I hear two things:

a) How did I not know this was a thing?
b) I didn’t know you were still doing this!

And it’s my failing because I don’t go out of my way to promote it! If you feel so inclined, please share it with friends. Multiple times, in fact!

However, no guilt! I’ll still be happily plugging away at them. ^_^

I hope you guys have a great October and I’ll see you again on October 16th!


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