2016 – November 23rd


Tomorrow it’s American Thanksgiving! For those of you who celebrate, what are you doing? (I’m not American, so it’s just business as usual for me!)


2 thoughts on “2016 – November 23rd

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  2. Oh, Tala. Mel’s amazing, having her for a roommate.

    Relatives are coming to my house, starting yesterday. I’ve been living with my parents—as have Sis, Bro-in-Law, and Toddler Nephew—so it’s already a very full house. Thankfully the neighbors aren’t there full time, so the six visiting relatives are staying next door.

    I’m plenty ahead on my writing, but I might use it as an excuse to disappear sometimes anyway. I love these relatives dearly, and I love the food, but time away to work on my novel could be key for my sanity.

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