2016 – November 28th


I think Tala likes drama. 😀 I try to write comics where you don’t need to know the characters.

And then I fail.


8 thoughts on “2016 – November 28th

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  2. I like it that way. The specific characteristic of each character makes them more lovable. I was excited when the focus shifted to Mel last year as not much was explored on her in the past.

    Do you know that Rob would come to my mind whenever I eat chips?

      • Oh, that would be wonderful! I’d like to see things from Bea’s point of view. We get to see her a lot already but it’s mostly from other’s perspective – a bit like Mel before the focus moved to her. I had no clue that she is the way she is because she had always been hiding behind her camera.

        Oooh, if that was foreshadowing – I like it!

  3. I miss Rob.

    “Annalyn, you just read through the archives what, a week ago? You haven’t had time to miss him.”

    I know, but I enjoy reading about him and the wrimos around him. Of course, I enjoy reading about Mel and Tala, too.

    I’m the type who likes to read everything from the beginning, not just the latest comic or a random comic. I’m the same way with TV, including very episodic shows. So, need or not, I’m determined to get to know the characters.

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