2016 – November 20th


I looked at the date and thought to myself, “Wait! It’s the 20th already?!”

Yes. It is! Good grief!


2016 – November 19th


You know, when I write these things, I do take inspiration from people I’ve interacted with. ^_^

It’s bachelor weekend for me. My family is away so I’m all alone. So far, I have about three escape rooms booked, a board game night, and some movies to catch up on. This is why my nano has been awful this year…

2016 – November 18th


Allo all! Eon commented about the blurbs disappearing under each comment and that was my fault! I think I have it figured out now, so hopefully it won’t happen again (and I will go back and fix all the old comics too! ^_^) Thanks so much for pointing it out, Eon. And by all means, if you see other things not working, please bring it to my attention!

Oh, and as you may know, I like escape rooms. If any of you guys are in the Boston area, there is this really cool event that’s happening in your area. It’s an escape room, cross interactive theatre, cross cabaret extravaganza! It’s set in the late 1930s and they have an 8 piece swing band! I want an 8 piece swing band! Hah! It’s happening only twice, and I sadly can’t go because I don’t live in Boston. However, if this sounds interesting to you, check out their indiegogo!

2016 – November 17th


Whoa, this may be one of the few comics where Mel isn’t in it!

I mean, there are many years like that, but these two years have been her as the protagonist. 😀

And happy ML appreciation day! Go give them a hug… but ask first to see if it’s ok! 😀

2016 – November 16th


By the way, if you’re looking to do some procrastination, did I mention that I did another webseries with Manpans?

I may have! If I have, woops. Sorry. I tend to repeat myself because I’m old. One of the difficult things to do in this webcomic is NOT repeat myself. I keep thinking to myself, “Wait, we did that already. Oh well.” I wonder if someone will approach me with two comics side by side and say, “Look. It’s the same joke.”

I’m waiting for that day.

2016 – November 15th


Halfway! Huzzah! I hope you guys are doing awesome!

OK! A lot of people keep talking about whom they relate to in NaNoToons, so I shall poll it! You may not know all the characters, but I included them all. I hope. Watch me forget someone. I hope not.

2016 – November 14th


Hah! How are you guys doing? How goes the writing? Yesterday, there was a knit night for our region. Darn it. I would have gone to that. I should work that into next years comics somehow…

2016 – November 13th


Oh bother. I forgot to schedule the comic for today at the normal time. Yesterday, I finally finished all of NaNoToons! Huzzah!

But did I post today’s? No. Blargh.

I also got a chance to write as well. In the end, I only wrote 1000 words. Good grief. I’m writing a non-fiction work, and a lot of research is involved. I don’t plan on winning this year.

2016 – November 12th


Today, I really hope, I get some words in. I won’t be able to catch up, but I hope to get some writing done! We’ll see.

And I haven’t done a poll! So let’s do one about escape rooms. Sure, I could do one about writing, but you’ve probably filled out many polls on writing!

And if you have any ideas for polls, please do tell!

2016 – November 11th


Hello, everyone! I hope you are having a good Remembrance Day.

By the way, I like to do crossovers, and I always have my characters go into Kari’s webcomics. In this arc of NaNoToons, they are going into the same Escape Room the characters from It Never Rains goes into.

I didn’t mention it on the off chance someone may have recognized it. It’s pretty obscure though, but you never know! ^_^