2017 – December 1st


It’s done! I’m done! I pantsed these comics, and I finished them! Huzzah! I am so happy. I did not get any writing done, but I did get the comics done!

Tomorrow, Kari Maaren is having her book launch and I’m playing at it! That’s super exciting for me! Her new novel, Weave A Circle Round, has just been released and I can’t wait to get my own copy! I’m so thankful she is able to help edit these comics especially during this time when she’s busy with marking (she’s a teacher) and releasing her new book!


And yes, another strange hobby I do is design puzzles. Weird, hunh? The Solver Puzzle hunt is starting today, and I made a puzzle in it! You can see my name on their instagram teaser video. Hah! If you are interested in puzzles, check it out!

And finally, thanks so much to you for joining me these past few weeks. I know there are a few new people, and then there are the faithful few who have stuck with me the whole month! I hope you had an amazing November.

Take care, eh? And look me up on twitter. I’d be happy to chat.



10 thoughts on “2017 – December 1st

  1. I completely forgot to check NaNoToons during November but I did enjoy reading through them all just now. I enjoyed seeing how Mel incorporated Tala and her antics into her novel 🙂

  2. So who committed the murder in Mel’s book? My money was on Jen being the murderer, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if Victoria had killed Dave. Also, just a thought for next year, maybe you could give us word counts on each of your characters as the month progresses so we can see how our wordcounts stack up against theirs.

    • Ha, I actually worked a whole plot with Manda. And in the end, didn’t get a chance to use it. It wasn’t murder, it really was a suicide to look like a murder. 🙂

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