2018 – November 1st

Hello, everyone! We’re back for another set of NaNoToons, and yes, it’s with Mel and Tala. I hope everyone’s NaNo is starting off well. I still have to complete some NaNoToons myself.

I do have Kari Maaren helping with editing again, which is awesome, because I made a lot of mistakes again. Grammar is hard. I use a lot of commas, apparently. I need to cut down on my commas.

And if you do read NaNoToons, please feel free to share them! A lot of you have expressed your gratitude about NaNoToons and I’m very happy they can help out in any way!

Happy NaNoing!

12 thoughts on “2018 – November 1st

  1. Mel just needs to get with the times. Drawing instead of writing just makes Tala a rebel.
    For the last few years, I’ve shared the day’s NaNoToons every evening on my blog–not that it reaches a huge audience, but I try! If I’ve brought just one person to NaNoToons that way, it was worth it. 😀

  2. I’ve been watching for NaNoToons! During November I stop the 2 puzzles I do every day but I am allowed NaNoToons! Thank you, Errol. I’m about to send our regional email and I’ll be turning the newbies on to you! [yes, I do like exclamation points!]

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