2013 – November #23


Errol: I hope I can go tonight! At the Geeky Book Swap, my youngest daughter bid on some earrings at the silent auction. But she didn’t win it because my wife gave her a limit. Now, my youngest daughter doesn’t wear earrings, so I was wondering why she was so adamant on doing it. I learned later that she wanted to give it to my eldest daughter for Christmas because she was dying to have them.

So I am going tonight to pick up another pair of earrings, for the person who makes them will be there. I also hope to write today. We’ll see how THAT goes.

2013 – November 22


Errol: It’s friday! Huzzah! And what are your friday plans tonight? Me? I have an interview with Geek Hard for the geek band! I’m crazy excited to be on podcasts!

And also, Rick and Val have a new ML Update! ^_^

2013 – November 21


Errol: Huzzah! I have some comics stored up for both this comic and my other one! That means I can write tonight! ^_^ But now I’m hungry for chips. Grrr… and there are no chips in the house. I think I shall go raid my children’s halloween candy.

2013 – November #18


Errol: I realized that one of my comics has Jen’s bows on the wrong side. Darn it. BTW, I still haven’t written anything. 🙂 Must get on that eventually.

2013 – November #17

Nanotoons_2013_Nov_17Errol: Huzzah! We had this last night. I got rid of a lot of books. And I invited all sorts of bands to play, so exciting! So much geekery!

Whom did we have?


2013 – November #16


Errol: A bot is a program that sits in chat and does timers for word wars and a bunch of other things, silly or useful. In our case, mostly useful. Just in case you aren’t familiar with bots.

OH! And this weekend is the Night of Writing Dangerously! I did a comic with Grant Faulkner on my Debs & Errol site! Huzzah!

2013 – November #15


Errol: What can I say? I have a thing for musicals.

Vic: I sent today’s NaNoToon to my boyfriend-person (who is a bit of a Les Mis fanatic) with the words, “You will enjoy this. Or perish.” Wisely, he enjoyed it.

Oh yes, Rick and Val are back with another ML Update.

2013 – November #14


Errol: Huzzah! I’m excited for our Halfway Party because I’m organizing it! ^_^ We’re doing a geeky book swap, where people can bring books and swap them for other books, and all the left over books get donated!

And there will be musical geek entertainment! I can’t wait! I love my region. 😀