2017 – November 10th


Every comic I do, I have a mistake of some type in there. That’s why I need Kari to edit them.

And for the first time in forever, I had three comics which DIDN’T NEED EDITING!


2017 – November 9th


During the day, I recall I wanted to ask a question of you. And then when night comes, I forget what that question was. It’s probably not an even important question, or has anything to do with NaNo. But now, I can’t for the life of me recall what it was. Good grief.

2017 – November 8th


So I’m starting to create a buffer of these. I have up until November 12th completed. And I always get confused what comic we’re on now so when people comment I think “Wait, has that already shown? I don’t know!”


I’m losing it. 😀

2017 – November 7th


The pink hurts my eyes too. I don’t even know if they have paper like this in real life.

By the way, http://nanotoons.net should be showing up in your URL bar now. I forgot to switch the domain over from wordpress. Woops.

2017 – November 6th


I saw the parody before I saw the movie as well. I’m still at no words, by the way. And I don’t have a buffer of comics. I have no idea how this set of comics is going to go. 😀

2017 – November 5th

Sorry about the late posting! We had guests yesterday and I didn’t get a chance to work on anything! And then I woke up really late this morning. Hoo boy. No productivity at all this weekend.

2017 – November 4th


I added a new picture of Debbie Ohi and myself on the about page! Huzzah! I wish I remembered when the first pic was taken.

Oh, and some people have asked if they could share Nanotoons. By all means, share them! Re-share them! Re-blog them. Post them on twitter, pinterest, instagram, facebook! And tag me if you can, I’d like to know when they are shared!

2017 – November 2nd


I was kinda dumb. I have my normal webcomic about my life, and I let it go for three days without a comic. So I’ve been trying to catch up on that comic (it’s daily as well) by doing two comics a night.

On top of that, I’m trying to do two comics a night of NaNoToons. Needless to say, I haven’t done any writing for NaNoWriMo. Hah!