2012 – November #21

Errol: Huzzah! It’s Dave! 😀 😀

And for those wondering why Victoria is sighing, here is the 4th episode of NaNoWriMo: The Musical.

Debbie: This is my favorite NaNoMusical episode so far. And yaaaay for a NaNoMusical CD!!! For those participating in PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month), I have a comic caption contest up today.


2012 – November #20

Errol: I think Ed is underestimating Victoria’s wordcount in this. 😀 BTW, Debbie Ohi is back in town. I’m so happy. 😀

Debbie: I’m happy that Errol’s happy. The line about chapter headings, by the way, came from Talis Kimberly’s X-Libris song, and the combined wordcount line came from Cassandra Marshall’s list of author pick-up lines.

2012 – November #19

Errol: Monday! New Week! We only have one more weekend left! Crazy! 😀

Debbie: Fran is wise. I tend to do the same thing, so am going to try a new approach in my current novel. Outline first, then write fast, THEN revise.

2012 – November #18

Errol: There are many over achievers out there, and you guys are pretty darn impressive! 😀 Hope you appreciated your ML yesterday on Friday for ML Appreciation day! 😀

2012 – November #17

Errol: Starting is still doable! When I first heard about Nanowrimo, I was so pumped I didn’t care how late it was. It’s awesome! If you are hearing about it just now, do it!

Friday night we had our Halfway party and I’m excited because I haven’t had a time to socialize. It will be good to see some Wrimo’s! 😀

2012 – November #16

Errol: Stay on target, Tim. Stay on target. 🙂

Debbie: Keep the faith, Tim! 99.999% of people who have started the submission process have been there. Rejection’s part of the job.

2012 – November #15

Errol: You know, I didn’t check, but I’m sure we didn’t clarify to poor Fran what an actual ML was. 😀

Debbie: Poor confused Fran. 🙂

2012 – November #14

Errol: If you are unfamiliar with word wars, hopefully the above comic gives an idea? You set a time, and the person who writes the most words wins!

Oh! And this is appropriate for the third episode of NaNoMusical, which you can watch here.

Debbie: Love this episode of NaNoMusical, Errol!! 

2012 – November #13

Errol: How goes the novel? It’s almost half way! And by the way, I had every intention of responding to all your great comments. I did! But I didn’t think you guys would be so awesome and respond so much! I couldn’t keep up! I do hope to get to them! Maybe I’ll get Debbie Ohi to do that… 😀

Debbie: I’m back online! Or sort of online — speaking of board game socials, I’m at a board gaming convention in Texas. But I’m going to catch on NaNoToons and comments over the next couple of days…