2017 – November 13th

Hmm, I can’t remember if I’ve asked Kari to edit these. I hope so.

Edit: I DIDN’T ask her. Woops. Good thing she caught a mistake.


2017 – November 10th


Every comic I do, I have a mistake of some type in there. That’s why I need Kari to edit them.

And for the first time in forever, I had three comics which DIDN’T NEED EDITING!


2017 – November 9th


During the day, I recall I wanted to ask a question of you. And then when night comes, I forget what that question was. It’s probably not an even important question, or has anything to do with NaNo. But now, I can’t for the life of me recall what it was. Good grief.

2014 – December 1


Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been following. Please, take a look at my good friend Kari Maaren, who has her own webcomic. It’s weird and wonderful!

I can’t believe another year has gone by. Wow. These comics have been going on for a while, haven’t they? Who knows what’s going to happen next year? I’m not going to think about it. Maybe I will get a chance to tour my local regions and play songs. That’d be cool. *laugh*

BTW, my sense of humour is pretty much the same everywhere. If you’re interested, I do have another webcomic, which… is going on hiatus in the month of December. Hunh. Oh well. There’ s over a 1000 though, so you can catch up. ^_^

Anyway, have a great year, everyone! And if you ever meet me, please say hi!

2014 – November 30

Nanotoons_2014_11_30Errol: My region is having a subway write-a-thon again! Huzzah! Last night, if all goes well, I did a #NaNoGig! ^_^ Debs & Errol went to Kitchener, Ontario to perform some NaNo songs. We never get a chance to play those songs in our normal repertoire so it’s great to finally do so!

2014 – November 22

Errol: I don’t think I’ll be able to go to my all-nighter! It starts so late! I guess it’s an all-nighter, that’s why. I sure hope I get some writing done today. And I was able to get Kari to do some editing of these comics. HUZZAH! I’m so happy. 😀

2014 – November 5

Nanotoons_2014_11_05Errol: Hi! Wow, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing how you learned about NaNoToons! It’s interesting, you know, doing things and I never really know how many people read my comics. Sure I have stats, and whatnot, but I don’t check things that much. I heard about NaNoToons because of Debbie Ohi, the original artist. She asked me to help her and I jumped on the chance to collaborate with her. I really enjoy NaNoToons and this little crew that we have here.

I’m going to talk a little bit about last night because a long time ago, I used to be involved in Brickfilming, where you do stop motion animation with LEGO. There was a small community there and just like any internet community, one got involved and got to know a lot of people. They kickstarted a documentary and they asked me for an interview. I was shocked, and honoured, because I haven’t been in the community for a number of years now. However, it reminded me how much I’ve enjoyed the little online forums and bonds I have made on the internet for the last decade or so.

And the same with the NaNoWriMo community. Even though this is my 9th year, I really do NaNoWriMo more for the community than I do for the book writing. ^_^

Ahem, sorry, I get sentimental when I think about the past. Let’s get back to writing!