2014 – November 20

Nanotoons_2014_11_20Errol: One day, I should just make user accounts for Jen, Rob, Victoria and Dave. That would be fun. I think. Give it a more transmedia kinda feel. ^_^

And yes, I haven’t been using my Kari Maaren card. 😦 I really should, if only I would get these done earlier than the night before at 10pm.

Oh! And did people see my selfie photo collage? All the selfies I took at Night of Writing Dangerously! ^_^


2014 – “November 19”

Nanotoons_2014_11_19Errol: Btw, I’m behind on my wordcount. I think I’m 10k behind. I shall need to do a lot of writing this weekend. 😀 Fortunately, it’s guest comic time over at Debs & Errol. I’m making other people do the comics for this month. I should do that all the time!

2014 – November 18

Nanotoons_2014_11_18Errol: I will hopefully have a full report on my first Night of Writing Dangerously, but I did meet John, who owns Hog’s Apothecary. I squeed at him when I found out he made the chips that I ate a lot of. I love chips.

Sorry this was late!

2014 – November 17

Nanotoons_2014_11_17Errol: First off, all these comics were done in a rush and so Kari had no chance to edit them. So if you have found a whole slew of errors since Friday, it’s my fault. ^_^ I return home today. Bye bye, California!

2014 – November 16

Nanotoons_2014_11_16Errol: Sorry folks. This is a huge cacophony of people, isn’t it! I don’t know how many people I have on the screen. I think there are 19 or something insane like that. Anyway, who are all of these people? The staff of NaNoWriMo! ^_^ See if you can identify them, I didn’t make it that hard. 😀

2014 – November 15

Nanotoons_2014_11_15Errol: Fran is from 2012. I just had to include her in! Tonight, we hopefully are going to make it to this event. I have no idea really, I am hoping I made it to California in one piece.

2014 – November 13

Nanotoons_2014_11_13Errol: Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to post this. I was trying to get all the comics queued up for D&E and just about went to bed. Tomorrow, I hope to have the NaNoToons queued up while I’m at Night of Writing Dangerously. I also have a parent teacher interview tomorrow. Life never gets dull, that’s for sure…

2014 – November 11

Nanotoons_2014_11_11Errol: Oh man, NOWD is in a few days!! I can’t wait! ^_^ I was thinking to myself, I should have a NaNoToons Primer or something, now that there is so much history with these folks…