2014 – December 1


Thanks so much to all of you who’ve been following. Please, take a look at my good friend Kari Maaren, who has her own webcomic. It’s weird and wonderful!

I can’t believe another year has gone by. Wow. These comics have been going on for a while, haven’t they? Who knows what’s going to happen next year? I’m not going to think about it. Maybe I will get a chance to tour my local regions and play songs. That’d be cool. *laugh*

BTW, my sense of humour is pretty much the same everywhere. If you’re interested, I do have another webcomic, which… is going on hiatus in the month of December. Hunh. Oh well. There’ s over a 1000 though, so you can catch up. ^_^

Anyway, have a great year, everyone! And if you ever meet me, please say hi!


2014 – November 2

Nanotoons_2014_11_02Errol: Usually I start the month off slowly and only introduce a few characters. However, the weekend is when all the characters get together for crazy things and already I’ve thrown a chat comic at you. Ah well!

I haven’t had a chance to update the bio. Rajni was from last year and may make it out to a few write-ins. FerretFox only appears in chat because she doesn’t socialize that much.

2013 – December #1


Errol: Good morning all! It’s the 1st December after NaNoWriMo! My TGIO is tomorrow, Monday, so I’ve made the NaNoToons for Monday. That means one more comic. 😀

I did make my 50k, Huzzah! And I also had my last gig of 2013! I can take a break!

And finally, the last ML Update from Val and Rick. It’s shorter, so don’t worry, and… honestly, every time I see the end. I laugh. It’s awesome. ^_^

2013 – November #24


Errol: I was able to pick up the present, btw! So all is good. And I got 3000 words written! But not at the overnighter. Nope. I socialized. 😀

The one thing that is sad with me not going to the overnighter all night: no overnight video. I used to make one each year. Someone else should! That’d be awesome!

2013 – November #17

Nanotoons_2013_Nov_17Errol: Huzzah! We had this last night. I got rid of a lot of books. And I invited all sorts of bands to play, so exciting! So much geekery!

Whom did we have?


2013 – November #16


Errol: A bot is a program that sits in chat and does timers for word wars and a bunch of other things, silly or useful. In our case, mostly useful. Just in case you aren’t familiar with bots.

OH! And this weekend is the Night of Writing Dangerously! I did a comic with Grant Faulkner on my Debs & Errol site! Huzzah!

2013 – November #13


Errol: There is a discussion on the forum I remember reading about how NaNoWriMo is a fandom now. Pretty crazy, but awesome at the same time! And yes, there is a musical. Although, all of you know that by now.

Oh, and while were on to fandoms, a close friend of mine does some HP Lovecraft videos. Yup. He dons the persona of HP Lovecraft, (an author), and answers questions that the internet poses to him. And he did one about NaNoWriMo!

Seriously, I’m obsessed about NaNo every November. My poor family.

2013 – November #10

Nanotoons_2013_Nov_10Errol: You know, I started this format of the confusing conversations two years ago. I know that it’s hard to follow without context. But I really liked them. However, now that there is a way to actually gauge what readers think, I really should pose it to you guys. Are these too confusing for new readers? Or old readers?

2013 – November #6


Errol: I have a new character, one of the few new characters this year. I figured I would keep it simple, and not go too crazy on how many people I should introduce.

I chose her name from an x-ray technician that x-rayed my foot. I asked her how to spell her name. She probably thought I was weird. 😀

I’m in the process of front-loading all the comics, because I will be on a plane on thursday.

If by any chance you are going to Orycon, by all means, come say hi to me! ^_^