2014 – November 15

Nanotoons_2014_11_15Errol: Fran is from 2012. I just had to include her in! Tonight, we hopefully are going to make it to this event. I have no idea really, I am hoping I made it to California in one piece.


5 thoughts on “2014 – November 15

  1. Yay, Fran! Oh, I LOVE how she held off on writing so she could reach 50k at the NoWD. That’s totally something I would do, though I’ll admit it would have to be hard to be working at such a pace and then just stop for a few days. And I loved seeing Jen’s reaction to Fran’s overachieviness.

  2. Yes! 2012 is the year I discovered NaNoToons, so I have a stronger attachment to those characters than the others . . . I’m super excited to see Fran again! (I wonder if any of the other 2012 characters will show up?)

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