2012 – November #14

Errol: If you are unfamiliar with word wars, hopefully the above comic gives an idea? You set a time, and the person who writes the most words wins!

Oh! And this is appropriate for the third episode of NaNoMusical, which you can watch here.

Debbie: Love this episode of NaNoMusical, Errol!!Β 

25 thoughts on “2012 – November #14

  1. Fran is such a darling here! LOL….and I am SO “her” when I call a word war….937 is an awesome count. Love this one! My favorite of the week, so far. Happy noveling everyone!

  2. I am so much like Fran it scares me. We both have brown hair and I used to wear glasses (my optician would say I still need them), and… this entire comic just makes me happy. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for brightening my day!

  3. I wanna have a WORD WAR~!!! But, you see my sister is a slow Wrimo and I pull out three times the words she writes. The competition isn’t at home, for sure! Love the comic and musical!

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